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367 Volunteers from NWAFU Contribute to the 14th National Games

Author: Liu Hongyun Xue Zenghui  Date:2021-09-14    

On September 9, the 9-day Tennis Competition in the 14th Games of the People's Republic of China was successfully concluded at Yangling Tennis Center. 367 volunteers from NWAFU served over 200 tennis competitions, 600 athletes and coaches and millions of audiences. They practiced the “national movement, with the same heart” ---the theme of the 14th National Games and “dedication, friendship, mutual help and progress” ---the spirit of volunteer service.

During the Games, volunteers worked in 12 offices, such as the Competition Organization Office, the Integrated Coordination Office, the Anti-Doping Office, the Medical Security Service, the Information Technology Service, the Media and Television Coordination Office, the Venue Environment Service, the Administrative Reception Office, the Transport Service, the Security Service, the Volunteer Service Office, the Market Development Office, etc. They feel the athletes' spirit of never admitting defeat, tenacious struggle, unity and cooperation with their heart. Sun Chuancheng, a caddy volunteer majoring in environmental design at the college of landscape architecture and arts, said that on the centenary founding of the party, the National Games was held in central and western province for the fist time. We implemented the school motto of "Sincerity, Simplicity, Bravery and Perseverance" in the 14th National Games to show the spirit of NWAFUers to the whole country.



Translated by: Li Xinrui

Proofread by: Zhang Xiaorong