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NWAFUers Won Good Results in 2021National Engineering Practice and Innovation Ability Competition

Author: Guo Hongli, Liu Hongping  Date:2021-11-23    

Recently, 2021 National Engineering Practice and Innovation Ability Competition came to an end, and awards received by our school's participating team broke historical records-- two silver medals and one bronze medal. Among them, Drones for " Intelligence + " contest guided by Liu Hongping and Guo Hongli and Thermal Energy Driven Vehicles forEngineering Fundamentals contest guided by Xie Jiaqing awarded silver prizes, and Potential Energy Driven Vehicles for the engineering fundamentals contest guided by Huang Yuxiang awarded bronze prize.


This competition, with the theme "upholding morality and labor, seeking excellence through engineering innovation; serving the society, building a strong nation with intelligence and taking the responsibility bravely" and guidance: "demand-driven" and "technology application scenario innovation settings", closely follows the forefront of national engineering development, integrates engineering ethics, engineering culture and internationalization, and sets up 3 competition types and 11 competition projects such as Engineering Foundation, "Intelligent +" and Virtual Simulation, covering basic engineering design and major equipment design from basic engineering literacy to comprehensive innovation.A total of 19,000 teams and 66,000 college students from 690 colleges and universities participated, of which 2404 students from 267 colleges and universities and 601 teams entered the national finals. Compared with the last finals, the number of colleges and universities increased by 80% and the number of participants increased by 74%.


Translated by: Song qiuyi

Proofread by: Zhang Xiaorong