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The Northwest A&F University has formed a talent contingent of qualified teachers and innovative researchers. Among the 4672 staff members, 378 hold senior technical titles and 929 associate professional titles, 240 of whom are doctoral supervisors and 650 master's supervisors. There are many distinguished and talented teachers: 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 1 chair professor of Cheung Kong Scholar Program, 1 lecture professor of Cheung Kong Scholar Program, 4 winners of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 10 candidates of the " Hundred-Thousand-Ten Thousand Talent Project ", 28 of the "Program for New Century Excellent Talents" of the Ministry of Education(MOE), 3 of the "Award Program for Outstanding Young Teachers in Higher Education Institutions" of the MOE, 6 of the "Excellent Young Teachers' Program" of the MOE, 59 of the "Three-Five Talent Project", 5 experts with outstanding contributions at national level and 26 at provincial level and 76 professionals with government special subsidy.

Great importance has been attached to the talent project. In order to build up an academically proficient teaching and research team to meet the needs of the university's reform and development, to upgrade the core competitiveness and comprehensive strength of the university, and to promote the construction of a world-famous research-oriented university, Northwest A&F University has proposed a series of plans such as building an innovative team, training for top-notch talents, young academic backbones and young teachers, funding them to improve their academic degrees and academic level, and supporting outstanding teams and individuals on research innovation. Meanwhile the university formulated preferential policies to attract overseas talents and returned overseas Chinese scholars to work in our university or to be our academic leaders and has appointed many famous scholars to be our adjunct professors and guest professors including 3 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and 3 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Furthermore, the university tries every means to accredit more staff members and students to study abroad and encourage teachers and researchers to carry out academic exchanges with high-level foreign universities and research institutions.

Complying with Teacher's Law, Higher Education Law and Regulations for Teacher's Qualification, focusing on the discipline construction, centering around the improvement of the teachers' qualification and taking cultivating young academic leaders and academic backbones as priority, the university highlights the construction of the teaching team following the principle of openness, innovation and high efficiency so as to build up a well-structured, qualified, stable, efficient and energetic teaching team.