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HR of Famous Enterprise EnteredColleges and Departments to “Diagnose” Resumes of Graduates

Author: Jin Hong  Date:2020-08-24    

  In order to improve the resume production level of 2021 graduates and help graduates to achieve satisfactory employment, the career guidance center innovates its working mode, leveraged the high-quality human resources of New Oriental Education Group, and organized New Oriental Xi’an School HR to go to 23 colleges and departments of the university through university-enterprise cooperation, accumulatively "inquired" the resumes of nearly 2000 graduates, and delivered high-quality employment guidance services to graduates.

  "The university has HR one-on-one resume consultation every year, but this year's is different. New Oriental HR came to our college to guide everyone." Wang Qianru, counselor of College of Economics and Management, publicized this year's resume guidance activities to graduates. Wang Shuzhen, secretary of College of Information Engineering, has revised more than 90 resumes of graduates by herself. New Oriental HR came to the college, which made her very happy. She said that with the help of these HRs, all the resumes of college graduates could be modified. Chai Lu, counselor ofCollege of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, organized the activities until 11 o'clock that evening. He said that some graduates usually talk less and tend to be introvert, but they are very speculative when talking with these HRs. Graduates face enterprises directly, so it's easier to provide employment guidance.

  In order to help the 2021 graduates effectively cope with the "Golden September Silver October" recruitment season, the university made overall arrangements and cooperated with New Oriental Xi'an School to launch a series of guidance activities for the resume contest in early August. After the initial improvement of teachers’ ability and the concentrated guidance of resume production, the university organized New Oriental HR to enter each college and department from August 13th to 20th to provide guidance and service for graduates. On the one hand, it strengthened the employment guidance force of the departments, on the other hand, it provided the graduates with the opportunity to face the enterprise directly and improve the effectiveness of employment guidance. Under the vigorous publicity and effective organization of various departments, graduates have participated actively, and the scene of resume consultation is enthusiastic. Many graduates say that they have gained a lot.

  Translated by: Ruan Shuling

Proofread by: Zhang Xiaorong