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NWAFU Volleyball Achieved New Glory

Author: Liu Zhengjie  Date:2019-01-05     Read:

The 2018 Shaanxi College Students Volleyball League Matches, held by the Education Department of Shaanxi Province, came to a successful end on December 29, 2018, at Xi’an Technological University. After seven days’ fierce competition, both NWAFU’s male team and the female team were awarded outstanding awards. The female team rolled to their sixth consecutive championship and the male team won the second place.


The teams’ outstanding results are closely related to their intense daily training and their coaches’ careful instructions. Although the training is full of hardships, everyone in the team has strongly risen to the challenges, for the honour of NWAFU as well as the dreams of youth! Returning loaded with glory, the volleyball teams will make persistent efforts for new objectives ahead.