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Military Training Chorus Competition for Year 2020 Students Successfully Held

Author: Yang Yanbao, Cai Runze, Wang Zhijie  Date:2020-09-25    

  “Walking along the route pioneered by our predecessor and forging ahead into the future, we are China Dream’s practitioner, lifting up the morning sun of China’s agriculture.” On the evening of September 23rd, the Military Training Chorus Competition for freshmen was successfully held and ended with a 5,000 people choir of NWAFU anthem.

  As one of the required activities under the military training programme for year 2020 NWAFU students, the competition gives full play of military training in talent cultivation, reveals full extent of students’ discipline, and stimulate the NWAFU newcomers’ affection and loyalty to this university. The evening enjoyed a great audio feast, including the songs of  Warsong of the Chinese People ’ s Volunteers, On the Taihang Mountains, Never Fade Away in Nation ’ s Memory, A Song for the Strong Army, and The Sun Shining the Liberated Area . There were 20 teams in all  from 21 colleges or departments taking part in the stage shows. They, with their passionate singing, expressed their best wishes to NWAFU and to celebrate the 71st birthday of New China.

  The Honor Prize Winners: College of Enology, College of Innovation and Experiment, College of Landscape Architecture and Art, Department of Foreign Languages, College of Food Science and Engineering

  Singing the university anthem and military songs has greatly furthered the students’ understanding of NWAFU’s long history and profound cultural background. The university motto of Sincerity, Simplicity, Bravery and Perseverance  have been deeply rooted in the heart of all new students who are fully aware of the mission a student of agricultural and forestry university should take. The inspiration of university anthem raises up the curtain of their new college life. Being down-to-earth in study but innovative in thoughts, they will practice the integration of personal dream with times’ call and the national revitalization, and develop to be useful talents who know and love agriculture.

  Translated by: Tian Yiyun

  Proofread by: Yan Xianhui