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2020 National Youth Science Camp of Colleges and Universitiesat NWAFU Branch Opened

Author: Chen Long,Chen Huaixiang  Date:2020-08-19    

  On the morning of August 17th, the opening ceremony of the 2020 youth "Cloud Science Camp"at NWAFU branch, sponsored by China Association for Science and Technology and Ministry of Education, and jointly organized by Shaanxi Association for Science and Technology, the Provincial Department of Education and NWAFU, was held at the south lecture hall of Xiushan activity center in the north campus.

  Due to the need for the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, this year's science camp activities are mainly presented in the form of a "virtual university city" based on the network platform. The opening ceremony was carried out in an "online + offline" approach. Leaders of university’s youth league committee, activity volunteers, team instructors and camprepresentatives attended the offline camp opening ceremony. More than 200 campers and leading teachers from 19 provinces (cities, autonomous regions) including Shaanxi, Hubei, Shanghai and Xinjiang participated in the online observation.

  As one of the 52 colleges and universities that host science camps across the country, this event was organized and implemented in the form of “live + recording”. It involves21 activities of five categories, including face-to-face of famous masters , online scientific practice, entering the laboratory, traveling on campus, and peer-to-peer exchanges, striving to present the artistic and life-oriented side of science.In the follow-up, famous teacher forum will be carried out, focusing on Chinese agricultural history, university spirit and culture, life science frontiers, animal science and life, food nutrition and health, soil and ecology, ornamental plants and other contents, to understand the spirit of the university. “Chinese Agricultural History Museum” “The State Key Laboratory of Erosion and Dryland Agriculture on the Loess Plateau”and “the State Key Laboratory of Crop Biology in Arid Regions” etc. are the main body of cloud roam, to appreciate the charm of science; online practice classes such as “flower and grass world”, “tea's past and present”, “family food class”, “modern animal husbandry unveiling”, “wonderful insect world” will be carried out to experience the discipline characteristics and university culture; “ice breaking tour”, “excellent peer face-to-face”, “demystification of university majors”, “science camp brain King competition”, “gala” and other activities will be organized, toexperience university life at a close distance.

  It is known that the youth science camp activities of colleges and universities are organized by the China Association for Science and Technology and the Ministry of Education to improve the youth science quality. It is currently the highest-level, largest-scale, and broadest-covering youth science and technology innovation summer camp nationwide. NWAFU has undertaken this activity since 2015 and has received a total of 985 teachers and students from 102 key middle schools in 23 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) across the country. The feedback and evaluation of campers has been ranked on the top of the list for many consecutive years. It has been awarded three “National Featured Science Popularization Activities”, which is one of the universities with the most honors among the national undertaking units.

  Translated by: Ruan Shuling

Proofread by: Zhang Xiaorong