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First Silk Road Workshop on Sustainable Crop Production Held

Author: Ma Yingtao, Sun Hui  Date:2024-04-01    

From March 29th to 30th, NWAFU hosted the first Silk Road Workshop on Sustainable Crop Production.

Over 30 agricultural scientists from scientific and educational institutions along the Silk Road, countries with leaders of top seed companies, gathered at the university to discuss the theme of sustainable crop production and explore new paths for sustainable agricultural development. The forum aimed to promote agricultural education and technological cooperation among China, Kazakhstan, and Russia, to achieve high-quality agricultural progress. In two days, the event showcased 26 academic presentations and draw significant interest and active participation from faculty and students. Participants from scientific and educational institutions and companies engaged in multiple in-depth discussions and clarified various areas of cooperation such as collaborative research endeavors, social services, and talent development initiatives.

Vice President Luo Jun attended the opening ceremony of the forum and delivered a speech. He pointed out that the vast geographical area and rich agricultural resources of the countries along the Silk Road provide unique conditions for strengthening international cooperation and sharing sustainable production technologies and experiences. He hoped that scientists, educators, and seed enterprises along the Silk Road would work together to enhance cooperation, promote agricultural technological innovation, improve sustainable crop production, and play a constructive role in advancing agricultural sustainable development, not only in Silk Road countries but also globally. He emphasized the importance of contributing wisdom to the creation of a shared future for humanity and achieving sustainable agricultural development worldwide.

Yerbol Issakayev, Vice President of Kostanay State University, Kazakhstan, spoke on behalf of overseas experts at the opening ceremony. He emphasized the crucial role of sustainable agriculture in ensuring global food security and agricultural sustainability. He praised NWAFU for its leading position in this field and expressed great anticipation for future collaborations. Expert teams from both universities will jointly plan cooperation strategies, develop exemplary projects and closely engage in scientific research and talent cultivation. Together, they aim to usher in a new era of agricultural sustainable development.

This forum, as one of the important activities celebrating the 90th anniversary of the College of Agronomy, invited representatives from scientific and educational institutions along the Silk Road, including Kostanay State University, Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical University, Institute of Agriculture and Plantation Research, Institute of Fruit and Vegetable Production, the Omsk Agricultural Research Center in Russia and the North Ural State Agricultural University. Additionally, leading seed companies in China such as Anhui Qiuling High-Tech and Shaanxi Qinfeng Seed Industry were also in attendance. The forum served as a platform for the exchange and discussion of various topics including crop resistance and yield enhancement, modern biotechnology breeding, crop cultivation and smart agriculture, sustainable agricultural development, and agricultural regional development and planning. The forum facilitated deeper cooperation and exchanges among Silk Road countries in the agricultural sector. It played a vital role in promoting agricultural sustainable development across Silk Road countries.

During the forum, Chinese and international experts visited key facilities at the university, including NWAFU’s wheat experimental base, the Yangling Seed Industry International Building and the Yangling Smart Agriculture Demonstration Park.


Translated by: Tian Yiyun

Proofread by: Yan Xianhui