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Two NWAFU Professors Awarded Innovation Prize of China Industry-University-Research Collaboration

Author: Yang Xiaozhen,Zhang Ting,Zhang Huaiwen  Date:2021-03-18    

On the newly-released list of 14th Innovation and Advance Prize of China Industry-University-Research Collaboration, the names of NWAFU professor Zhang Xian and professor Yao Yiqing are found as winners of Innovation Prize. The award serves to give commendation to the advanced units and persons who have outstanding performance in the collaboration of industry-university-research, the transformation of research achievement, the military and civilian integration, and the practice of craftsmanship’s spirit.

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Mr. Zhang Xian: Professor of College of Horticulture, NWAFU; Doctoral Supervisor; vice president of Chinese Society for Horticultural Science; Scientist of National Technology System of Watermelon and Melon Industry; Chief Expert of Shaanxi Technology System on Watermelon and Melon Industry.


Mr. Yao Yiqing : Professor of College of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, NWAFU; Doctoral Supervisor; Vice President of National Alliance of Water and Fertilizer Integration Industries; Executive President of Biomass Energy and Material Professional Committee under the China National Forest Products Industry Association of National Forestry and Grassland Administration; Expert of Shaanxi Technology System on Rural Energy and Environmental Protection.  

Translated by: Tian Yiyun

Proofread by: Yan Xianhui