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NWAFU Gained CSC Approval of Research Talent Support Program on Regional Studies

Author: Wang Ke  Date:2023-02-27    

Recently, "Research on Agricultural Cooperation between China and Post-Soviet Space Countries from the Cultural Perspective" presided by Professor Wei Feng from College of Language and Culture has been approved by China Scholarship Council 2023 National and Regional Research Talents Support Plan (project system). This is the first time that NWAFU has been approved by China Scholarship Council for national and regional research Talent Support program.

The program aims to serve the needs of the country’s overall opening-up, the Belt and Road Initiative, and the building of a community with a shared future for mankind, accelerating the training and reserve of a group of national and regional research talents with an international perspective, a good understanding of international rules, and the ability to participate in international affairs.

The approved projects mainly carry out cooperative research with St. Petersburg University of Electronic Technology, St. Petersburg University of Management Technology and Economics, Eurasian State University of Kazakhstan and Kazakhstan State Agricultural University. The selected categories include senior research scholars and visiting scholars. The National Scholarship Council will fund the scholarship and one round trip international travel.

Since 2015, NWAFU has gained CSC approval of 20 talent cultivation programs, including 13 international cooperation training projects for innovative talents, 6 special projects for rural revitalization talent training, and 1 national and regional research talent support program. Since 2020, NWAFU has gained CSC approval of 5 talent training projects for Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkey and other Belt and Road countries, effectively supporting the "double first-class" construction of the university and the "Belt and Road" work.

Translated by: Xiao Xiaofan

Proofread by: Zhang Xiaorong