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The New Book The Chinese Seed – Growing Wheat in Kazakhstan Released

Author: Zhou Tianhong  Date:2023-04-21    

On April 19th, the new book The Chinese Seed – Growing Wheat in Kazakhstan was released in Yangling. The book is co-authored by NWAFU’s researcher Zhang Zhengmao and chief journalist of the newspaper Agricultural Science and Technology Jin Min.

The book presents the true story of NWAFU’s experts engaging in agricultural international cooperation in the university’s overseas demonstration park. As a long nonfiction book, it truthfully chronicles the efforts of NWAFU’s experts in serving the national strategy, responding to the “Belt and Road”initiative, and contributing to China’s wisdom by spreading the “Chinese seed”. The book holds a clear structure, rich content, and abundant information, provoking deep thoughts and inspiring motivation upon reading.


Vice President Luo Jun expressed in his speech that the book reflected NWAFU’s service in countries along the Belt and Road route through a depiction of a group of NWAFU’s scientists. “This book is the fruit of the joint efforts of domestic and foreign scientists and entrepreneurs, a concrete action to implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s initiative to build an agricultural base for the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, an important achievement of NWAFU’s work on the Belt and Road initiative, and a true portrayal of practicing the Silk Road Spirit and the Shanghai Spirit,” Luo said.

According to Zhang Zhengmao, the book began to be prepared in 2020 and went through several stages of development before it was finalized, including material collection, outline writing, and multiple revisions. All the stories in the book are true, and the materials all come from the front line. The “seed” in the title is a metaphor for the achievements of cooperation between Chinese and foreign scientists. The seed refers to not only the biological seed, but also the seed of friendship and unity.

Through in-depth and meticulous interviews and valuable materials such as pictures, diaries, and letters, the book presents vivid images of steadfast, decisive, and lovely Chinese agricultural scientists from the details. Featuring a touching narrative, it also depicts the sincere friendship between the peoples of China and Kazakhstan.

Translated by Tian Yiyun

Proofread  by Yan Xianhui