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NWAFU Staff Shines at the 14th National Games

Author: Wang Ting  Date:2021-09-03    

On September 2, the torch relay for the 14th National Games, the 11th National Paralympic Games, and the 8th Special Olympics of China traversed Yangling from the south gate square of Jiaojia Yuan to the crossing of Yangling Avenue and Free Trade Avenue, covering a distance of approximately 6.3 kilometers. At 8:00 am, Huang Siguang, Secretary of the Working Committee of the Chinese Communist Party of the Yangling Demonstration Zone, delivered the torch to the first torchbearer, Professor Liu Xuebo of NWAFU. He held the torch and slowly ran down the ceremony platform, marking the official start of theYangling torch relay.

The torch relay started.

The 64 torchbearers in this relay came from all walks of life ranging from agriculture, science, education, medicine to manufacture, with 6 torchbearers from NWAFU.

第1棒火炬手 刘学波教授_副本.jpg
Professor Liu Xuebo, the 1st torchbearer

第17棒火炬手 沈锡辉教授_副本.jpg
Professor Shen Xihui, the 17th torchbearer

第23棒火炬手 杨惠媛同学_副本.jpg
Yang Huiyuan (student from NWAFU), the 23rd torchbearer

第37棒火炬手 昝林森教授_副本.jpg
Professor Zan Linsen, the 37th torchbearer

第60棒火炬手 单卫星教授_副本.jpg
Professor Shan Weixing, the 60th torchbearer

第62棒火炬手 秦菲阳同学_副本.jpg
Qin Feiyang (student from NWAFU), the 62nd torchbearer

Meng Qingtao, torchbearer in Weinan torch relay

In addition, there are 367 students from NWAFU undertaking the volunteer services at the tennis court and the canoeing (rowing) site of the 14th National Games Games in Yangling.

Translated by: Tian Yiyun

Proofread by: Yan Xianhui