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Thousands of Students had Their First Lesson Together

Author: Xiao Xiaoping Zhang Yanyan Guan Yiqin/word Zhang Jiakui Zhou Tianhong/picture  Date:2021-09-14    

In order to pass on the tradition of revolution, boost patriotism, and cultivate new generation, Northwest A & F University launched “The first lesson in the new semester” theme education activities among all teachers and students from September 12 to 13. Li Xingwang, secretary of the Party Committee of the University, and Yang Peng, Zhao Xingyu, He jingyi, and Zhang Li from College of Marxism were the main lecturers. They taught thousands of students “The first lesson in the new semester” with the theme of “Passing on the tradition of revolution, striving to be the new generation”.

Li Xingwang, Secretary of the Party Committee of the University, Gave a Special Report

Four Teachers Gave Special Reports

The main form of the theme education activity of “The first lesson in the new semester ” is “Watching the promotional video + the theme class meeting”. Party History, the History of New China, the History of Reform and Opening-up, and Development history of Socialism were widely publicized and discussed among all the teachers and students. “The first lesson in the new semester”focused on telling the party story, the revolutionary story, and the heroic story. It guided the majority of teachers and students to recognize the historical facts, clarified the historical context, grasped the pulse of the times, and strengthened the faith in Party and patriotic spirit.

Freshmen in the North and South Campus Attend the First Lesson in the New Semester

Students Attend the first Lesson

Translated by: Zhou Youyi

Proofread by: Zhang Xiaorong