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Photos: Escort for Returning to School

Author: Zhou Tianhong  Date:2020-04-30     Read:

  On April 29th, in order to better guarantee students' return to school, NWAFU gave full play to the role of grass-root fortress of the Party branch. Each grass-root party branch temporarily deployed young cadres and teachers to form a volunteer service commando team to carry out the service of students' return to school in the high-speed railway station, train station and other places. Up to now, all back-to-school work is stable and orderly.


Volunteers disinfect the school bus


Volunteers communicate with bus station staff and check the number of people returning to school every day


Security guards at the school gate


Staff and volunteers are ready


Volunteers scan the code of returned students to confirm their identity


Staff check student health code


Volunteers measure temperature for returning students


Staff on duty in front of the student dormitory building


Canteen staff are preparing meals


Students are washing hands before eating


Students need to take their temperature before entering the canteen


Students line up to eat in the canteen according to the ground signs


Hard working medical staff in observation district

  Translated by: Ruan Shuling

  Proofread by: Zhang Xiaorong