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Catch up and Surpass:Online Open Courses of NWAFU Went International

Author: Zhang Yinghui  Date:2020-04-28    

  On April 28th, the Ministry of Education's online teaching English version of the international platform construction project-“iCourse” International Platform held the platform launch and course launch conference in Beijing. The first batch of 193 courses were online. NWAFU’s 11 courses such as “Crop Cultivation” were successfully launched, with the number of online courses ranking first nationwide in agricultural and forestry colleges as well as universities in western China.

  As is reported, under the background that the world's epidemic prevention and control situation is still severe, the Higher Education Department of the Ministry of Education launched the international platform construction project of online teaching English version in Colleges and universities on April 10th this year, organized to recommend and build a batch of high-quality English version courses that represent China's quality with international standards, provided online learning for college students from all over the world, and contributed China's strength in the fight against the epidemic to Colleges and universities around the world. As one of the first batch of 59 courses provider, NWAFU provides colleges and universities with timely response, careful deployment, concerted efforts, and concentrates its strengths to carry out full English transformation of 25 characteristic courses carefully selected and approved, ensuring the smooth launch of the first batch of 11 courses, and the subsequent 14 MOOC courses are in the process of translation and other related work.

  Translated by: Ruan Shuling

  Proofread by: Zhang Xiaorong