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MTI -- A New Master Degree Program Added to NWAFU’s List

Author: Zhang Jiangang, Dai Kaijun ,He Runyu  Date:2020-04-07     Read:

  Recently, the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council officially published the Notice on Issuing the New List of Authorized Degree Programs  in 2019 . MTI- Master of Translation and Interpreting was added to NWAFU’s list.

  In recent years, NWAFU has been fully dedicated to meeting our country's social and economic development needs, and promoting the construction of Double First-Class Project of China, following the “12345” development philosophy. Targeted at improving the quality of talent cultivation, NWAFU keeps implementing dynamic adjustment of degree program authorization to optimize the structure and types of the programs. Those academically insufficient or socially out-dated are to be revoked while those in urgent need for the development of society, economy and industries are to be added.

  Since 2017, there has been 8 programs in all added, including 1 advanced doctoral program in sociology, 5 advanced master's programs in Marxist theory, chemistry, applied economics, mathematics, and pharmacy, and 2 professional master degree programs in law and pharmacy. The programs revoked include 1 advanced doctoral degree program, 5 first-level and 9 second-level disciplines of master degree program, and the professional degree program of traditional Chinese pharmacology.

  NWAFU currently has 16 doctoral degree programs in first-level disciplines, and 27  master's degree programs in first-level disciplines, covering 7 subjects --- agronomy, engineering, science, management, economics, law, and medicine; 1 doctoral professional program and 16 master’s professional programs. The dynamic adjustment of degree program will further optimize the layout of disciplines, highlight our educational characteristics, and improve the quality of talent training.

  Translated by: Zhao Rui

  Proofread by: Yan Xianhui