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NWAFU Showing Stable Rise on the Rank of ESI

Author: Liu Yuan, Huai Mengjiao  Date:2020-03-23     Read:

  As suggested from the latest data (March 12th , 2020) released by ESI, NWAFU has moved up 20 places to the 861st among the 6,581 institutes on the global list compared to the data of this January. We are now ranking the 63rd among the 459 listed institutes in China. Since the March of 2019, the rank of NWAFU has shown a stable rise on the list, climbing 128 places in all.

  We are proud that 8 disciplines of NWAFU rank the global top 1%, Agricultural Science, Plant and Animal Science, Engineering, Environmental Science and Ecology, Chemistry, Biology and Bio-Chemistry, Pharmacology & Toxicology, and Molecular Biology & Genetics. The first two disciplines shown above are also among the global top 1‰. Specifically, Agricultural ranks the 21st  ( the same as before), Plant Plant and Animal Science the 120th ( moving up 5 places), Engineering the 696th ( moving up 11 places), Environmental Science and Ecology the 352nd ( moving up 15 places), Chemistry the 838th ( moving up 12 places) , Biology and Bio-Chemistry the 565th ( moving up 15 places ), Pharmacology & Toxicology the 778th ( moving up 9 places ), and Molecular Biology & Genetics the 785th ( moving up 10 places). In general, seven of the eight disciplines show their rise on the rank.

  The latest data also shows that NWAFU enjoys 197 (21 more than last data) highly cited papers which are from 15 ESI disciplines of 16 colleges of NWAFU.

  Translated by: Zhao Rui

  Proofread by: Yan Xianhui