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NWAFU in Early Spring

Author: Jin Jun  Date:2020-03-04     Read:

  The campus in this March, is particularly spacious but tranquil. The sudden outbreak of pandemic seems pressing a pause key of time. Yet, the spring surely will come quietly. Beside the pool or along the streets are winter jasmine and magnolia in full bloom. The apricot blossom and cherry blossom show their most elegant figures. The spring is waiting here for the return of all NWAFUers, the return of birds’ singing and the return of vigorous campus.

The green grass unveils the curtain of the spring coming.

the lovely cherry blossom in the garden

The budding of peony commences the spring concert.

Signs of the spring

Fallen flowers rest leisurely.

apricot trees in blossom

the naughty branch playing jokes with the passersby

the flowers saying hello to the passersby

A dozen shades of green liven the campus.

The green leaves stretch arms to welcome the spring sunshine.

The flowers witness our best times.

Pretty pink magnolia are messengers of early spring

 The dried grass now is coated with the spring color.

a glimpse at the statue embraced by the joys of spring

 The magnolia waiting for the returnees

Th spring touches the old trunks where the budding soon grows.

Translated by: Zhao Rui

Proofread by: Yan Xianhui