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Spring Ploughing in Full Swing

Author: Jin Jun  Date:2020-03-05     Read:


  A worker of NWAFU Affiliated Farm is ploughing the fields on north campus.


  Mr. Li Hongbin from College of Agronomy is sorting out the materials with his colleague.


  Farming starts as the spring returns to the earth.


  preparing the farm chemical


  A worker is weeding with chemicals in the experimental fields


  A worker of NWAFU Affiliated Farm is watering the strawberry seedlings planted by the graduates.


  Professor Sun Daojie from College of Agronomy is working in the experimental fields.


  Professor Min Donghong and Professor Guo Dongwei from College of Agronomy are at work in the fields.


  Professor Wang Baotong from College of Plant Protection is testing the stripe rust spore capture device.


  Professor Han Dejun of College of Agronomy is checking the wheat fields.


  salute all faculty for their diligence and devotion



  Translated by: Zhao Rui

  Proofread by: Yan Xianhui