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Excellent Campus Psycho-scene Drama Show Tour of Universities in Shaanxi

Author: Dan Fu, Hua Jin, Jiangyan Dai  Date:2019-11-20     Read:

  On November 16th, the second campus excellent psycho-scenedrama show tour of universities in Shaanxi, sponsored by the Education Working Committee of Shaanxi Provincial Committee and jointly organized by the NWAFU Student Affairs Office, the Youth League Committee and Postgraduate Student Affairs Office, was held in NWAFU. More than 1000 teachers and students from various departments of NWAFU watched the performance.

  The theme of the drama show tour is “performing the heart world, embracing the heart health”. The tour plays are all the previous award-winning campus psycho-scenedramas selected by the Education Working Committee of the provincial Party committee. As a dramahost university in the western region of the province, NWAFU has selected and arranged five plays, including “Lending Words”, “Heart Lock”, “Flying Blossoms Floating to the Heart”, “True and False” (the first prize of Shaanxi College Psycho-scenedrama) and “Sowing and Reaping”. At the same time, we invited Baoji College of Arts and Science as well as Xianyang Vocational and Technical College's award-winning plays “The Original” and “AIDS prevention and love, We are together” to participate in the performance, presenting a wonderful “psychological feast” for teachers and students of the whole university.

  The psycho-scenedrama show tour focused on the achievements of psychological education in our university. The selection of script materials all originated from college students' study and life. The themes included “campus loan, interpersonal relationship, emotional distress, frustration response, cyber violence and professional choice”. The plot faced the topic of “growth”. In the process of displaying contradictions and conflicts, it vividly presented the troubles and self-exploration of College Students’growth. Each plot was rich and full, and fully displayed the psychological scenario drama art and power of “small script, great principle, acting by oneself, acting oneself”, which aroused and inspired students' deep thinking and self-awareness, and won the unanimous praise from teachers and students.

  Translated by: Ruan Shuling

  Proofread by: Zhang Xiaorong