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2019 Silk Road Alliance International Winter Camp Ended Successfully

Author: Lei Yuan   Date:2019-11-22     Read:

  From November 10th to 19th, the 2019 Silk Road International Winter Camp hosted by the Silk Road Agricultural Education Technology Innovation Alliance and the China-Russia Agricultural Education Technology Innovation Alliance was held in NWAFU. Twelve students from three universities, Poznan University of Life Sciences, Poland, Russian State University of Land Planning and Utilization, and Ural State Agricultural University, North Russia, participated in the event.

Successful completion

  With the theme of “modern agriculture”, this winter camp was held for the first time by the Silk Road Alliance. The activities include special report, tea art performance, seal cutting experience, Chinese lessons, and calligraphy lessons. The winter camp students visited the National Key Laboratory, College of Enology, Museum Garden, Promotion Exhibition Hall, Kiwi Base, Yangling Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstration Park, Science and Technology Innovation Center, etc., and went to the ancient city of Xi'an to understand the profound historical and cultural heritage of the Chinese nation. The winter camp greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of students to learn Chinese and study in China, and expanded the international influence of the Silk Road alliance.

Visit NWAFU’s National Key Laboratory

Visit the kiwifruit experiment and demonstration station of NWAFU in Meixian

Visit the Museum of Terra Cotta Warriors

  At the closing ceremony, graduate student Maciej Jakub from Poznan University of Life Sciences in Poland said that he would never forget his trip to China. He not only tasted Chinese food, experienced 5000 years of Chinese culture, but more importantly, found his own goal in Northwest A&F University.He will come to NWAFU to pursue a doctor's degree after attaining his master's degree next year and further improve his academic attainments.KondrakhinIvan from the Russian State University of Land Planning and Utilization said that he was particularly grateful to the Secretariat of the Alliance for its careful arrangement. The ten-day activity arrangement made him know more about China. At the same time, he hoped that the cultural exchange activities of the Alliance would be strengthened, improved and better.Kang Jile, deputy director of the Silk Road Alliance Secretariat, thanked the 12 students who came to participate in the winter camp from afar, and hoped that this activity will deepen inter-school cooperation, expand publicityandinternational influence of the Alliance so that more students from member units could participate in the activity in the future.

  Translated by: Ruan Shuling

  Proofread by: Zhang Xiaorong