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Silk Road Wheat Innovation Alliance Established at NWAFU

Author: Yuxiu Liu,Hui Sun  Date:2019-11-04    

  On November 2nd, the Silk Road Wheat Innovation Alliance was announced its establishment at NWAFU, witnessed by 83 attendees, including the representatives from 8 counties along the silk road and 32 domestic universities, scientific research institution and enterprises.

  The Silk Road Wheat Innovation Alliance Charter (Draft) and the Yangling Declaration of Silk Road Wheat Innovation Alliance, were deliberated and approved at the conference. The first council of the Alliance was set up by voting, in which the academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor Kang Zhensheng of NWAFU Plant Protection College was elected honorary council chairman, Professor Zhang Zhengmao of NWAFU Agronomy College was elected council chairman. Participants exchanged extensive views on scientific research, talent cultivation and industrial development in wheat germplasm resources innovation, genetic breeding research, green production, processing and trade. Academician Kang Zhensheng and Russian academician Goncharov Nikolai Petrovich made 15 wonderful academic reports.

  Wheat is the world’ s second-largest food crop and one of the earliest cultivated crops in the world. Countries along the Silk Road are important wheat producing regions of the world. With the support of Silk Road Agricultural Education Technology Innovation Alliance, NWAFU initiated the Silk Road Wheat Innovation Alliance to promote the cooperation of alliance members and stimulate the wheat research and industrial development in the countries along the Silk Road, contributing to the world food security and the construction of community with shared future for mankind.

  Translated by: Zhao Rui

  Proofread by: Yan Xianhui