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NWAFU Overseas Seminar for Outstanding Young Teachers Held at Oxford University

Author: Li kaikai  Date:2019-08-28     Read:

  From August 11th to 20th, a 10-day seminar on teaching and research was held at Oxford University. Its round-off marks the completion of the first phase of NWAFU’s overseas seminar for 20 NWAFU outstanding young teachers. Hosted by the Oxford University Global Vision Program Center, the seminar invited 14 experienced and renowned teachers as lectures for training session. They are Dr. Wang Shidong, Director of the Oxford University Global Outlook Program Center, Dr. Chris Rowley, Professor of Kellogg College, Oxford University, Dr. Tom Crawford from St Hugh’s College of Oxford University, and Dr. Mattias Dilling fromPembroke College of Oxford University, and other professional teachers who have long been engaged in front-line teaching for decades.

  The first phase of the training sessionconsisted of 17topics including effective teaching methods, Oxford teaching quality assurance and operation system, student development, and Oxford tutor system. From their own perspectives, the 14 lecturers shared their experience in the exploration of teaching methods and teaching effectiveness at undergraduate lectures, and illustrate how they successfully applied their findings to the teaching of different undergraduate disciplines. As long as the first-session training ended, the 20 trainees of the workshop conducted a four-hour debriefing, on which everyone shared and summarized their learning experience.


       Translated by: Zhao Rui

  Proofread by: Yan Xianhui