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Qingming Festival TV Program of CCTV at NWAFU

Author: Xu Xin  Date:2019-04-04     Read:

  From April 1st to 3rd,  the crew of CCTV Qingming Festival special program “The Memorable” came to NWAFU for the filming of Mr. Zhu Xianmo’s life story. Yang Yongqing and Gan Zhiqing, journalists of CCTV at Shaanxi Station,visited the Institute of Soil and Water Conservation for collecting film materials.

  Zhu Xianmo, a senior academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, expert making  outstanding contribution to our nation, doctoral supervisor of Institute of Soil and Water Conservation of NWAFU and Chinese Academy of Sciences, was the pioneer and founder of soil and soil erosion in China's loess area. He devoted his whole life to the study of soil and water conservation and ecological construction on the Loess Plateau, and achieved greatly in the research field. As early as in 1980s, he has proposed the "28-word strategy for the rectification of the Loess Plateau". For the dream of "Clear Yellow River ", for more than half a century, he fully flung himself to the vast Loess Plateau for the sediment control in the middle reaches of the Yellow River in China. He passed away in Xi’an in 2017 at the age of 102.

  CCTV Qingming Festival special program “The Memorable” focuses on famous patriotic scholars and scientists. Academician Zhu Xianmo is the only expert selected in Shaanxi universities. By photographing his mementos, manuscripts, and interviewing his student Liu Guobin, the reporter composed a great video showing Mr. Zhu’s deep love for the CPC and China. It also displays the story of while-life dedication for the development of national science and the unremitting struggle for the beautification and ecological improvement of northwest Chins. The show will be broadcast on CCTV News Channel during the Ching Ming Festival.

  Translated by: Zhao Rui

  Proofread by: Yan Xianhui