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Job Fair and the 2nd Alumni Forum for NWAFU Landscape Design Majors Held

Author: Yuan Kaijia  Date:2019-04-01     Read:

  On March 30th , the 2019 Job Fair and the 2nd Alumni Forum for NWAFU Landscape Design Majors were held at the College of Landscape Architecture and Arts. This practice is  to improve the employment rate and quality for the sake of all graduates.

  Over 20 enterprises were invited for the fair. Half of them are run by alumni, providing over 300 posts, 90% of which are for Landscape and Architecture and Arts majors. 

Heads of NWAFU communicating with HR of guest enterprises 

  At the 2nd Employment and Entrepreneurship Forum and Alumni Forum, 7 executives or senior engineers of the landscaping industry introduced the current situation and the necessary skills for the entry of the industry.

keynote speakers sharing experience at the forum 

  This major-need-oriented and alumni-supported job fair is considered a set of Job Fair + Employment Forum well designed for the students.

  Not only does it provide valuable job opportunities for graduates, but also make career plans for the lower year grade students who benefited much from this activity.  Tang Liyan, a Y2019 Master graduate, said that the job fair was highly targeted and gave them more choices in hunting job. Liu Cong, a Y2020 undergraduate and fair volunteer, said that the exchanges and sharing of the seven keynote speakers at the Employment Forum furthered her understanding of her major and helped her to make more goal-oriented plan for the upcoming fall job fair.

group photo of Heads of NWAFU and alumni 

  Translated by: Zhao Rui
  Proofread by: Yan Xianhui