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The Results of the First “Gold Medal Teacher” Came Out

Author: Zhang Qing & Li Xiaochun &Zhang Lin &Zhi YOngping  Date:2019-03-22     Read:

  In order to fully implement the fundamental task of adhering to the moral education and cultivating people, firmly establish the central position of teaching, and motivate the teachers to take the original as the basis, according to the university's “ Gold Medal Teacher”Award Scheme (provisional), Notice on the Work of Evaluating the “Gold Medal Teacher”Award in 2018 and Supplementary Notice on the Work of Evaluating the “Gold Medal Teacher” Award, after a one-year evaluation, on March 22, the Standing Committee of the university Party Committee examined and approved that 10 teachers were awarded the first “Gold Medal Teacher” Award.

  Among them, Wang Guodong, Duan Yuangu, Wang Junru, Chen Yong, and Jiang Zaimin won the “Teaching Excellence Award”, with a one-time reward of 300 thousand yuan per person; Yang Peng, Liu Yao, Chen Yingying, Chao Xiaofei, and Shi Wei won the “Teaching Rookie Award”with a one-time reward of 100 thousand yuan. An associate professor who receives the Teaching Excellence Award can be directly promoted to be a professor.

NWAFU held “Gold Medal Teachers” Review Meeting

On-site Evaluation of “Gold Medal Teachers”

  Translated by: Ruan Shuling

  Proofread by: Zhang Xiaorong