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Two First Prizes of International iCAN-Contest Won by Students of NWAFU Affiliate High School

Author: Cao Yu  Date:2019-03-26     Read:

Will the future cities get “smarter”? What is the system that accurately simulates the ecological environment? Are there any flower pots that can "grow flowers" by themselves... Maybe theses ideas soon can be realized in the near future.

In the“2018 Chinese and Russian Youth 100,000 Creative Dreams Conference” of International iCAN-Contest, 5 works made by 7 candidates of NWAFU Affiliated High School stood out of the 1.22 million works, and won 2 first prizes, 1 second prizes and 2 third prizes. Zhang Zongxi's “Future Smart City”, and He Yuqin and Fan Jiashu’s “Ecological Simulation House” won the first prize; Zhang Jiahao’s “Future Smart Flowerpot” the second prize; and Wang Chen’s“Oxygen Source Box”, and Zhao Yu Han and Zhao Chen’s “Future City Group” won the third prize respectively. The NWAFU Affiliated High School was awarded“ Excellence of Organizing Award” and the instructor Jiang Rongjuan won the title of “Excellent Instructor”. The first prize winners will receive the “Chinese and Russian Youth Creative Dream Ambassador” medal and certificate, and will be invited to Russia for the awarding ceremony of this international contest. The instructor will receive the “National Best Innovative Teacher” certificate and the invitation to the awarding ceremony and “2019 Creative Teaching Seminar for Chinese and Russian Teachers ”.

Translated by: Zhao Rui

Proofread by: Yan Xianhui