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Large-scale Drama “The Communist Manifesto” Staged in NWAFU

Author: Yang Yanbao  Date:2021-05-21    


“Happiness comes from the heart, from joining the revolution and helping the poor. Only in this way can you feel happy even if you have nothing; even if you lose your life, you will also feel happy... ” From May 19th to May 21st, the drama performance “The Communist Manifesto” was held in Xiushan activity center of the north campus for three consecutive days. A total of 1500 teachers and students including Li Xingwang, Wu pute and other university leaders, representatives of faculty Party members, and student Party members watched the performance on the spot, and nearly 5000 people watched the performance online through the campus online platform.

The story narrated in the drama “ The Communist Manifesto” took place in the 1920s. It was set in Guangzhou, the revolutionary center at that time. It tells the story of a group of aspiring young people taking the road of revolution under the spirit of the “The Communist Manifesto” after the failure of the Guangzhou Uprising. The plot is full of ups and downs, and through the suspenseful plot and characterization of characters with different positions and beliefs, the question of “why to start” is raised, which enables the audience to have a deeper understanding and exploration of the belief in Marxism, and get more theoretical nourish and spiritual support.



Drama “The Communist Manifesto”

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Translated by: Ruan Shuling

Proofread by: Zhang Xiaorong