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NWAFU Alumni Association Australia Established

Author: Fan Yeman , Zhang Fenchan  Date:2021-09-02    

As the second overseas alumni association since the establishment of Association USA, NWAFU Alumni Association Australia was officiallyfounded on August 26. Held online, the founding conference gathered Mr. Niu Wenqi (Counselor of Education Office of Chinese Consulate-General in Sydney), Mr. An Jiaqi (Cousul of Education Office of Chinese Consulate-General in Sydney), Mr. Yan Zushu (Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of NWAFU), experts from the colleges, and over 10 Australian alumni.

The online founding conference of NWAFU Alumni Association Australia

The meeting was hosted by the Australian alumnus Fan Yeman, withQiao Yongliang, the manager of the preparatory group, introducing the preparatory work of the Association. During the conference, the constitution of the Australian Alumni Association was adopted and the first Council was elected. Qiao Yongliang from the Class of 2013 of the College of Mechanical and Electronic Engineeringwas elected president; Pan Shirui from the Class of 2011of the College of Information Engineering, Wang Yuqi from the Class of 2011 of the College of Life Science, Song Renhua from the Class of 2012 of the College of Information Engineering, and Fan Yeman from the Class of 2019 of the College of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering (who also as the secretary-general) were elected vice president. In the speech, President Qiao Yongliang expressed his determination of uniting the alumni members to uphold NWAFU’s motto of “Honesty, Modesty, Courage, and Persistence”, taking his responsibility of building the Association into the spiritual home for alumni. In addition, Qiao indicated that the Association would serve as a bridge between NWAFU and Australian universities, contributing to the development and construction of the school. This followed the speeches from Pan Shirui, the representative of alumni, and Cui Yongjie, the representative of NWAFU faculty. Liu Ling, president of NWAFU Alumni Association USA also expressed congratulations in the form of a video.

Translated by: Tian Yiyun

Proofread by: Yan Xianhui