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NWAFU Held the First Exhibition of Incorruptible Cultural Works

Author: Liu Shuyu, Mu Chuanglu  Date:2020-12-19    

“These incorruptible cultural performance art works are not only a feast for the eyes and the heart, but also have profound warning and educational significance.” “The works are close to campus life, the performances are wonderful, the programs are rich and colorful, there are dramas, sketches, recitations, singing and dancing. Each program brings a deep shock.”……On the evening of December 16th, NWAFU’s first exhibition of incorruptible cultural works received enthusiastic responses from students.

Since the beginning of this year, the university Party committee has incorporated the probity education of college students into an important part of the probity education of colleges and universities. It has successively established the Minglian Society, founded the student probity education journal “Minglian Collection”, and filmed the probity education promotional film “NWAFU students talking about family tradition”, etc.It also organized probity speech recitation competitions, knowledge contests, educational lectures, special research activities, etc.; organized student leaders to visit the anti-corruption warning education base, issued a series probity and integrity proposals to graduates, and carried out probity education publicity month activities……Through a series of measures, it continues to promote the probity education of NWAFU students and the construction of a clean and honest culture on campus, build a campus defense line against corruption and promote integrity, and create a good campus culture atmosphere in which everyone advocates probity.

Translated by: Ruan Shuling

Proofread by: Zhang Xiaorong