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The 8th International Young Scholars Forum of NWAFU Inaugurated

Author: Yang Yuanyuan,Zhi Yongping  Date:2021-11-26    


On November 25th, the opening ceremony of the 8th International Scholars Forum of NWAFU was held in the International Exchange Center. Over 170 scholars from 19 different countries submit their applications for this grand event. Ultimately,145 scholars received the invitations. Online or offline, the experts pitched into this activity , promoting their friendship and exchange for mutual development.

NWAFU Vice President Ma Jianhua, on behalf of our university, extended warm welcome to all the participants. With the belief of university cultural transmission, he briefly introduced NWAFU in terms of the history, personnel policies and supporting strategies for youth scholars.The Forum, he said, would serve as a platform for young scholars to demonstrate their talents and communicate for new ideas, and also an opportunity for NWAFU to be known by more outstanding talents. NWAFU has been prioritizing talents as the primary productive forces for its efficient development. Dedicated to the talents’ development, NWAFU would keep giving strong support for the building of hard- and soft- environment. With utmost sincerity, we welcome young scholars to join the NWAFU family, working together for the construction of world-class agriculture university.

Professor Li Qiang, an Introduced Talent of NWAFU, delivered a speech, sharing his feelings of being a new member of NWAFU family. Bit by bit memories of working and living at NWAFU made him more determined to his new identity here, he said in his speech.

The forum consists of one main forum and 18 sub-forums. With the software of Could Video, NWAFU Wechat Video app, NWAFU Bilibili app, the grand occasion was shown to the globe via simultaneous live broadcast, and received 13 thousands views.  

Translated by Tian Yiyun

Proofread by Yan Xianhui