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2020 Military Training for NWAFU Undergraduate Students Ended

Author: Ai Zimaiti,Cao Shan  Date:2020-09-27     Read:

  On the morning of September 27th, the 2020 military training summary meeting of NWAFU  students was held in the track and field stadium of north campus.

  This year's military training summary meeting was conducted in the form of military competition, which was divided into seven subjects, namely, formation, military boxing, light weapon operation, stabbing exercise, protection and first aid, military culture, and individual tactical basis. The competition subjects were decided by drawing lots from 21 colleges.The scene of the martial arts competition is magnificent, with firm and powerful steps, thunder-like slogans, majestic military fist, smooth and skillful operation of light weapons as well as individual tactics, high morale, and strong momentum, which won the warm applause of the participants.

  It is reported that NWAFU's military training work in 2020 is organically integrated with the ideological and political education of the students. Focusing on the fundamental mission of building morality and cultivating students, the university will carry out five large-scale entrance education reports with the theme of party history, national conditions, school history and school conditions for all 2020 freshmen, further strengthening the students' ideals and beliefs. NWAFU innovatively carried out the "patriotism in the military camp" theme education activity. The propaganda group was composed of company instructors, instructors, student party members and retired college students. Patriotism and the "three rural" feelings of "one understanding and two love" were deeply embedded in the students' hearts by means of "precise drip irrigation".

Translated by: Ruan Shuling

Proofread by: Zhang Xiaorong