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The English Journal "Stress Biology" Founded by NWAFU Officially Launched

Author: Huang Panpan  Date:2021-04-16    

On April 14th, the English academic journal Stress Biology, sponsored by NWAFU and co-organized by Springer Nature Publishing Group, was officially launched (website: https://www.springer.com/journal/44154).

Stress biology is an open-access English online journal, which will publish original research articles, short newspaper articles, reviews and comments related to stress biology. Now it has four publishing sections: plant biological stress, plant abiotic stress, animal adversity stress and microbial adversity stress.

The journal brings together 57 internationally renowned experts from 10 countries on the editorial board. The editors-in-chief are academician Kang Zhensheng, director of State Key Laboratory of Crop Stress Biology in Arid Area from NWAFU, and academician Zhu Jiankang (American Academy of Sciences), director of Shanghai Plant Stress Biology Research Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Professor Xu Jinrong from Purdue University and Professor Shi Huazhong from Texas Institute of Technology serve as associate editor in chief, and Professor Wang Qiaochun from the College of Horticulture of NWAFU is the executive editor. The journal will adhere to the principles of scientific research integrity and publishing ethics, featuring “efficient and fast”, and is committed to creating an international academic exchange platform that leads the frontier of scientific and technological development.

Springer Nature Publishing Group is one of the largest and most influential academic publishing organizations in the world. Its Springer brand has more than 2900 journals.The establishment of “Stress Biology” in cooperation with Springer Nature Publishing Group is an important measure to lead the research characteristics of arid and semi-arid areas as well as the frontier of crop and plant stress biotechnology, and to support the “double first-class” construction of NWAFU.

Translated by: Ruan Shuling

Proofread by: Zhang Xiaorong