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Three NWAFU’s International Students Awarded as “Experience China” Program Ambassadors

Author:   Date:2023-04-04    

From March 30th to April 1st, the China Scholarship Council management committee successfully held the “Experience China” themed camp in Shenzhen. Approximately 200 teachers and students from 58 countries and regions participated in the activity. They are from 19 domestic universities that offer Chinese government scholarships, including NWAFU, Peking University, and Wuhan University. NWAFU’s international students Kong Hao, Zhang Nuo, and Du Mu were awarded as “Experience China” program ambassadors by the China Scholarship Council.


As an exchange and sharing platform for international students, the camp was organized by the China Scholarship Council management committee to implement the spirit of the 20th Communist Party Congress and of the two letters written by President Xi Jinping to foreign students and to review and summarize the ten years’ achievements of the “Experience China” program. At the opening ceremony, NWAFU’s three international students from Pakistan, Kazakhstan, and the Central African Republic performed a 10-minute play called “Volunteer Teaching in Rural Areas”, receiving applause from the guests, teachers and students.


The play was jointly organized by NWAFU’s College of International Education, Chinese Communist Youth League committee, School of Quality Education, and College of Rural Revitalization. Zhang Huahai, First Secretary of the Party Committee of the Nan’gou Community of Heyang, Shaanxi, also performed in the play. The story depicted how international students founded the “Experience China: Volunteer Teaching Group for Rural Revitalization” to improve the English speaking skills and global perspective of Nan’gou Primary School students through online and offline lessons, and how they learned about China’s poverty alleviation efforts and experience in this process.

During the event, exchange students visited the Museum of Contemporary Art & Planning Exhibition, BYD Shenzhen, Ping An International Finance Center, and Shenzhen Civic Center. They also paid their respects to the statue of Deng Xiaoping atop the Lianhua Hill. Through their three-day journey, the students connected with each other and exchanged knowledge and ideas. They were amazed by the rapid development China has achieved through its reform and opening up policies and expressed their desire to share their observations with friends abroad, acting as ambassadors of friendship to promote cross-cultural understanding and showcase a true, multi-faceted China to the world.

Translated by Tian Yiyun

Proofread by Yan Xianhui