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NWAFU Undergraduate Students AchievedGood Results in the ProgrammingContest

Author: Li Chunyan,Chen Ke  Date:2020-09-29     Read:

  Recently, the 8th Shaanxi Provincial ProgrammingContestfor College Students in 2020 came to an end at Xi’an Mingde Institute of Technology. 84 teams from 19 undergraduate colleges and universities in Shaanxi province participated in the competition. Five teams from NWAFU achieved 1 silver and 4 bronze medals.

  The "SkyScraper zoo" team composed of undergraduates of 2018, Niu Cong, Li Longfei and Yu Zhinan won the silver medal of the competition with 21 outstanding results. The "Three Happy" team composed of undergraduates of 2018, Zhao Zhixin, Zhang Chengxiao and Xu Haoran, the "Happy Sister" team composed of He Yijia, Shen Wenjing, and Shi Yinghan, and the "Start" composed of undergraduates of 2019 Wei Chen, Guo Wei and Xue Zhaoyu, and the cross-disciplinary and cross-profession"MakeSail" team composed of Cai Yitao, Cai Qifeng and Zheng Penghui won the bronze medal in this competition.

  Since its establishment in 2014, the ACM training team of NWAFU has actively participated in various programming competitions based on ICPC. There are 1 coach and 9 active members in the team. Through systematic, project-based and competitive training, the ACM training team has continuously improved students' programming ability and thinking ability, and contributed to the construction of "double first-class"of the university.

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