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Dong Hong

Sourse:   Date:2015-10-14

Associate Professor Dong Hong

Basic Information
Professor Dong Hong was born in Xingping Country, Shaanxi Province in August 1972. Now she is a MA student supervisor of environmental law in College of Humanities and Social development of Northwest A&F University, Standing director of Shaanxi Energy Law Society, director of Shaanxi Administrative Legal Society and Xi’an Administrative Legal Society. She graduated from Northwest Political and Legal University and got Legal Bachelor’s Degree in 1994. From then on , she was assigned to be a teacher in Northwest A&F University. She graduated from Xi’an Jiaotong University and got Legal Master’s Degree in 2004; graduated from Northwest A&F University and got Management Doctor’s Degree in 2012. In 2009, she was elected as a member of the “Youth Academic Backbone Fund Support Plan” of Northwest A&F University.
Research Fields
Agricultural law; Environmental Law; Administrative Law; Social work
Courses & Subjects
Mainly undertake the course of Criminal Law, Administrative Law, Civil servants and Administrative Management.
Currently, she has supervised 11 graduates with master’s degree, having another 9 postgraduate students under her supervision.

Academic Achievements
In recent years, Professor Dong chiefly engaged in the study of agricultural law and environmental law, has successfully directed and completed “Research on mode and mechanism of rural land circulation in Shaanxi”(Soft Science Fund Subject of Shaanxi in 2000), “Research on legal system of environmental public interest litigation”(Major Theoretical and Practical issues Project of Shaanxi Province in 2008),“Research on agricultural ecological environmental protection legal system in Shaanxi” (Major Theoretical and Practical issues Project of Shaanxi Province in 2012), “Research on agricultural ecological environmental protection legal system”(The Fundamental Research Funds Project in Northwest A&F University in 2011), and now is directing “Research on effect of the implementation of preferential agricultural policies”(Soft Science Fund Subject of Shaanxi in 2003) and other three Projects. And she also participated in many national ministerial or provincial research projects. She has successively published over seventy academic papers in contemporary law, Exploration, Investigation world,Journal of Northwest A&F University(Social Science Edition),Journal of Electronic Science and technology University (Social Science Edition) and other journals. She has published research on the problem of contemporary China villager autonomy and other six book.

Contact Details
Address: College of Humanities and Social Development, Northwest A & F University, NO.22 Xinong Road, Yangling, Shaanxi
Post Code: 712100
Telephone:029-87091617 (office)
E-mail: dhong1972@163.com; dhong@nwsuaf.edu.cn