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Liu Dongmei

Sourse:   Date:2015-06-30

  Associate professor Liu Dongmei


Basic Information
Associate professor Liu Dongmei was born in Jingyang County, Shaanxi Province in October 1971. After graduating from Northwest University and got his Bachelor’s Degree there in 1997, she was assigned to be a teacher in Northwest A&F University, where he got his Master’s degree In 2005. At present, she is MA student supervisor of Northwest A&F University as well as an aid experts about Intellectual property rights of Shaanxi Province .

Research Fields
The Protection Law on Environment and Resource, The Economic Law ,The Procedural Law

Courses & Subjects
Associate Professor Liu has long been committed to the teaching of the Criminal Procedural Law. She has undertaken such courses as The Intellectual Property Law for undergraduates. She is also responsible for the teaching of f The Agricultural Environmental and The Quality and Safety of Agricultural Products for postgraduates.

Academic Achievements
In recent years, Associate Professor Liu has directed and completed  the subject of “Shaanxi Agricultural Environmental Legislation Research”, she has directed and the Shaanxi Social Science Fund subject—Research on the Management of Quality and Safety of Agricultural products of Shaanxi  Province .; She has edited and co-edited 2books; published more  than  twenty academic papers in journals such as The Rural Economy.

Contact Details
: College of Humanities, Northwest A & F University, No.22 Xinong Road, Yangling, Shaanxi
Post Code : 712100
Telephone : 029-87092324
E-mail: liudongmeirenwen@126.com