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Qin Yi

Sourse:   Date:2015-06-17

Personal Information
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 1982/09
Research Interests: Wine Microbiology, Low-Alcohol Wines
Email: qinyi@nwsuaf.edu.cn 
Mobile: +86-182 02929 7604
Address:  College of Enology, Northwest A&F University
22 Xinong Avenue, Yangling,
Shaanxi, China, 712100


A. Educational Background
Northwest A&F University, B.E., Food Science and Engineering, June 2004
Northwest A&F University, M.Sc., Food Science, June 2007
Jiangnan University, Ph.D., Fermentation Engineering, March 2011
B. Academic Positions since Final Degree
Lecturer, College of Enology, Northwest A&F University, July 2011-date
A.  Doctoral Thesis Title
1.     Analysis of the physiological functions of NADHin pyruvate production by Torulopsis glabrata, 2011.
B.       Chapters in Books
1. Yi Qin, “Optimization Techniques Based on Cofactor Regulation.” In The Principle and Technology of Fermentation Process Optimization, 2nd Ed, Chemical Industry Press, Beijing, China, 2009.
C.  Articles in Journals
1.     Sha Xu, Jingwen Zhou, Yi Qin, Liming Liu, and Jian Chen. Water-forming NADH oxidase protects Torulopsis glabrata against hyperosmotic stress. Yeast, 2009, 27: 207-216
2.     Yi Qin, Zhiyao Dong, Jingwen Zhou, Liming Liu*, Jian Chen. Significantly increase of glycolytic flux and pyruvate productivity in Torulopsis glabrata by heterologous expression of NADH alternative oxidase.Acta Microbiologica Sinica, 2009, 49(11): 1483-1488
3.     Yi Qin, Zhiyao Dong, Liming Liu, and Jian Chen. Manipulation of NADH metabolismin industrial strains. Chinese Journal of Biotechnology, 2009, 25(2): 161-169
4.     Yi Qin, Liming Liu, Changhao Li, Sha Xu, and Jian Chen. Accelerating glycolytic flux of Torulopsis glabrata CCTCC M202019 at high oxiodreduction potential created using potassium ferricyanide. Biotechnology Progress, 2010, 26(6) :1551-1557
5.     Yi Qin, Clayton H Johnson, Liming Liu, and Jian Chen. NADH oxidative redirection increases pyruvate productivity in Torulopsis glabrata. Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2011, 28(4) :1078-1084
6.     JunWang, Yi Qin, Liangliang Zhao, Jian Chen, Liming Liu. Physiological characteristics of a low-pH tolerant strain Torulopsis glabrata RT-6. Acta Microbiologica Sinica, 2011, 51(3): 340-345
D.  Patents Issued
1.     Liming Liu, Yi Qin, Jian Chen, Jingwen Zhou. Construction of a genetically engineered yeast for increasing pyruvate productivity. China, ZL200910034772.6 (2011)