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Hui Zhumei

Sourse:   Date:2015-06-17

Personal Details

Date of Birth: November 29, 1969
Nationality: Chinese
Sex: Female
Address:  College of Enology
Northwest A & F University
22# Xinong Road
Yangling, Shaanxi 712100
P.R. China
Telephone : +86-29-87091994(Office); Mobile: 15091528855
Fax: +86-29-87091994
E-mail: xizhumei@nwsuaf.edu.cn
Educational Background
2004-2008: Ph. D. on Vine and Wine at Northwest A & F University, Yangling, China
1999-2004: Master degree on Vine and Wine at Northwest A & F University, Yangling, China
1990-1994: Bachelor degree on Pomology at Northwest A & F University, Yangling, China
Work Experience
2006-Present: Associate Professor at College of Enology, Northwest A&F University, teaching Ampelography, Advances in Viticulture and Enology, Comprehensive Practice of Viticulture and Ampelography.
2000-2005: Lecturer at College of Enology, Northwest A&F University, teaching Grape Breeding, Ampelography, Viticulture, grape ecology, Conspectus of Pomology, Comprehensive Practice of Viticulture and Ampelography.
1994-1999: Assistant at College of Enology, Northwest A&F University, teaching Conspectus of Pomology, Viticulture, Ampelography.
Research direction:
Physiology and ecology of grapevine;
Stress physiology of grapevine;
Molecular physiology and quality regulation of grape berry.
Presiding scientific research project in recent years
①Presiding the National technology system for grape industry-Viticulture of wine grape (Subproject), 2008-2015
②Presiding the Natural Science Foundation of Shaanxi Province-Effect of plant growth regulator on anthocyanins accumulation and related gene expression of wine grape, 2012-2014
Presiding the Planned Project of Science and Technology of Shaanxi Province-The Optimized Production Technology and Industrialization Demonstration of Viticulture in Weinan city of Shaanxi Province, 2014-2015
Presiding the Agricultural Research Project of Shaanxi Province- The Optimized Viticulture Technology research and Demonstration of Table grape in Weibei  highland, 2014-2015
⑤Presiding the Scientific Research Program of Northwest A&F University- Effect of brassinosteroids on anthocyanins accumulation and related gene expression of wine grape, 2007-2011
Presiding the Fruit Industry Special Project of Shaanxi Province-The Biyu Viticulture Technology research and Demonstrationin rain-shelter cultivation of wine grape. 2014-2015
Main Achievements:
The program “Optimization of wine qualities” joined was the second prize of science and technology achievements in the Ministry of Education, China (2004).
The program “Study on the ecotypic tillage system in vineyard” joined was the first prize of Science and Technology Achievements in by yangling Agricultural High-tech Industries Demonstration Zone, China (2008)
The program “Formation of wine technology system and its industrial development in China” joined was the first prize of science and technology achievements in by Government of Shaanxi Province, China (2008)
Published about 90 scientific research papers.
Major published articles in recent years (the first author or Corresponding author)
[1]     Zhu-mei Xi, Yong-sheng Tao, Li Zhang, Hua Li*. Impact of cover crops in vineyard on the aroma compounds of Vitis vinifera L. cv Cabernet Sauvignon wine. Food Chemistry, 2011, 127(2): 516-522 (IF:3.655) (SCI)
[2]     Zhu-mei Xi, Zhen-wen Zhang, Shan-shan Huo, Li-ying Luan, Xiang Gao , Li-na Ma,Yu-lin Fang*. Regulating the secondary metabolism in grape berry using exogenous24-epibrassinolide for enhanced phenolics content and antioxidantcapacity. Food Chemistry, 2013, 141: 3056-3065 (IF:3.334) (SCI)
[3]     Jiang-Fei Meng, Teng-Fei Xu, Chang-Zheng Song, Xiao-Long Li, Tai-Xin Yue, Min-Yang Qin, Yu-Lin Fang, Zhen-Wen Zhang*, Zhu-Mei Xi*. Characteristic free aromatic components of nine clones of spine grape (Vitis davidii Foex) from Zhongfang County (China). Food Research International, 2013, 54 : 1795-1800 (IF:3.005) (SCI)
[4]     Xu, Fan,   Luan, Li-Ying,   Zhang, Zhen-Wen, Huo, Shan-Shan, Gao, Xiang, Fang, Yu-Lin, Xi, Zhu-Mei*. Phenolic Profiles and Antioxidant Properties of Young Wines Made from Yan73 (Vitis vinifera L.) and Cabernet Sauvignon (Vitis vinifera L.) Grapes Treated by 24-Epibrassinolide. Molecules, 2014, 19(7): 10189-10207 (IF:2.095) (SCI)
[5]     Xu Fan, Gao Xiang, Xi Zhu-mei*, Zhang Hui, Peng Xiao-qin, Wang Zhi-zhen, Wang Tian-min, Meng Ying. Application of exogenous 24-epibrassinolide enhances proanthocyanidin biosynthesis in Vitis vinifera ‘Cabernet Sauvignon’ berry skin. Plant Growth Regulation, 2014, DOI 10.1007/s10725-014-9976-y (IF:1.670) (SCI)
[6]     Zhu-mei Xi,  Zhizhen Wang, Yulin Fang, Zhuyun Hu, Yong Hu, Minmin Deng, Zhenwen Zhang*. Effects of 24-epibrassinolide on antioxidation defenseand osmoregulation systems of young grapevines (V. vinifera L.)under chilling stress. Plant Growth Regulation, 2013, 71:57–65 (IF:1.670) (SCI)
[7]     Wang Zhi-zhen, Zheng Peng, Meng Jiang-fei, Xi, Zhu-Mei*. Effect of exogenous 24-epibrassinolide on chlorophyll fluorescence, leaf surface morphology and cellular ultrastructure of grape seedlings (Vitis vinifera L.) under water stress. Acta Physiol Plant, 2015, 37:1729, DOI 10.1007/s11738-014-1729-z (IF:1.524) (SCI)
[8]     Luan, Li-Ying, Zhang, Zhen-Wen, Xi, Zhu-Mei*, Huo, Shan-Shan, Ma, Li-Na. Comparing the effects of exogenous abscisic acid on the phenolic composition of Yan 73 and Cabernet Sauvignon (Vitis vinifera L.) wines. European Food Research and Technology, 2014, 239: 203-213 (IF:1.387) (SCI)
[9]     Li-Ying. Luan, Zhen-Wen. Zhang*, Zhu-Mei. Xi*, Shan-Shan. Huo and Li-Na Ma.  Brassinosteroids Regulate Anthocyanin Biosynthesis in the Ripening of Grape Berries. South African Journal for Enology & Viticulture, 2013, 34 (2): 196-203 (IF:1.193) (SCI)
[10]  Zhu-mei Xi,  Jiang-fei Meng,  Shan-shan Huo, Li-ying Luan, Li-na Ma, Zhen-wen Zhang*. Exogenously applied abscisic acid to Yan73 (V. vinifera) grapes enhancesphenolic content and antioxidant capacity of its wine. International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition, 2013, 64(4): 444–451 (IF:1.105) (SCI)
[11]  Zhu-mei Xi, Zhen-wen Zhang, Yu-feng Cheng and Hua Li*. The Effect of Vineyard Cover Crop on Main Monomeric Phenols of Grape Berry and Wine in Vitis vinifera L. cv. Cabernet Sauvignon. Scientia Agricultura Sinica, 2010, 9(3): 440-448 (IF:0.527) (SCI)
[12]  Xi Zhu-mei, Wang Zhi-zhen, Hu Yong, Deng Min-min, Zhang Zhen-wen. Effects of 24-Epibrassinolide on the Antioxidant System and Osmotic Adjustment Substance in Grape Seedlings (V. vinifera L.) Under Chilling Stress. Scientia Agricultura Sinica, 2013,46(5):1005-1013
[13]  Xi Zhu-meiLi Hua*Long YanZhang Jinand Pang Xue-liang. Variation of soil microbial populations and relationships betweenmicrobial factors and soil nutrients in cover cropping system of vineyard. Acta Horticulturae Sinica, 2010,37(9):1395-1402