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Yuan Chunlong

Sourse:   Date:2015-06-17

Chunlong Yuan
Associate Professor; Ph.D.
Office: Fs 3-04 Room, College of Enology, Northwest A&F University
Address: No.22, Xinong Road, Yangling, Shaanxi Province 712100, P. R. China
Tel: 86-29-87091994       
Fax: 86-29-87091994
Wine Chemistry. Research interests are focused on the phenolic compounds isolated and purified from grape skins and seeds, the phenolic compounds found in grapes and wine and their biochemical and chemical changes during grape ripening, winemaking and aging. Example projects include understanding the relationship between astringency/bitterness and polyphenol compounds in red wine, aging potential in red wine and astringency intensity, grape harvest maturity and astringency intensity in grape berry.
2009-2010: Visiting scholar, School of Food Science,
Washington State University, Irrigated Agriculture and Extension Center,
2002-2008: Ph. D., Food Science,
College of Food Science and Engineering, Northwest A&F University.
Thesis Title: Study on the Compositions Utilization of Grape Seeds and Skins
1995-1998: M.S., Pomology
Department of Horticulture, Northwest Agricltural University.
Thesis Title: Studies on Maturing Characteristic of Bayberry and Main Processing Technology of Red Bayberry Liqueur
1988-1992: B.S., Pomology
Department of Horticulture, Northwest Agricuitural University.
2004-present: Associate professor, College of Enology, Northwest A&F University,
1997-2004: Assistant professor/Lecturer, College of Enology, Northwest A&F University,
1992-1997: Assistant professor, Department of Horticulture, Northwest Agricltural University.


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1.     2014-2016, the Charge of Subproject of “Establishing the grape experiment and demonstration bases in Yangling”, granted by Shaanxi Province Agricultural Extend Program Support (No.A289021412).
2.     2014-2015, the Charge of Subproject of “A New Product Development on winemaking of ‘Guankou-putao’ grape(vitis vinifera×vitis labrusca)”, granted by Hubei Province Jianshi County Jiaxin Agricultural Development Company Support (No. K403021407).
3.     2013-2015,the Charge of Project of “Quantitative evaluation of the relationship between tannins astringent and sense of quality in red grape and wine”, granted byFundamental Research Funds for the Central University Support (No. Z109021301).
4.     2013-2014, the Charge of Subproject of “Wine Industrial development in China (Yangling, Shaanxi Province) ” , granted by the Spark Program for Ministry of Science and Technology Support (No. K304021302).
5.     2011-2013, the Charge of Project of “A ultrafine grinding processing technology of grape seed and its new product development”, granted by Shaanxi Province Agricultural Research Support (No. 2011K02 -04).
6.     2010-2012, the Charge of Project of “research on main properties and active ingredients of ultrafine grinding grape seeds”, granted by Fundamental Research Funds for the Central University Support (No. 2111020901).
7.     2004-2006, the Charge of Project of” the research on the activity of Proanthocyanidins in Grape Seeds”, granted by Yangling Agricultural Development Funds Support (No. 2004TA).
8.     2000-2002, the Charge of Project of “The research on Polyphenols from Wine Marcs”, granted by Fundamental Research Funds for Northwest A & F University Support (No. 08080203).
1.     The project of “Critical Techniques and Antioxidant Activity of Grape Seed Ultrafine-
powder” was granted the third prize of Scientific and Technological Innovation Award from China Alcoholic Drinks Industry Association in 2012.
2.     " The research on optimizing the quality of the wine" was the second prize of science and technology achievements in the Ministry of Education ,China
3.     “The research on wine technology system and its industrialization development in China” was the first prize of Science and Technology Achievements in Yangling Agriculture High-tech Industries Demonstration Zone China
1.     A new processing methods of capsules of superfine grinding of grape seeds (ZL200610104864.3 );
2.     A preparation method of grape seed facial mask(ZL 201110326673.2);
3.     A preparation method of grape seed polyphenols oral liquid(ZL 201210054335.2);
4.     A preparation method of grape seed cream mask(ZL 201210054331.4);
5.     A preparation method of a grape seed proanthocyanidins sunscreen(Reviewing)
6.     A new grape seed oil and proanthocyanidins sunscreen formulations(Reviewing)
1.     Wine Hygiene(Undergraduate Curriculum),
2.     Wine Chemistry (Undergraduate Curriculum)
3.     Storage & Process of Grape(Undergraduate Curriculum)
4.     Soft Drink Production Technology (Undergraduate Curriculum)
5.     Practice of Wine Production(Undergraduate Curriculum)
6.     Senior Wine Chemistry(Graduate Curriculum)
7.     Seminar of Graduate Student(Graduate Curriculum)