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Yang Jihong

Sourse:   Date:2015-06-17

 Associate Professor Yang Jihong

Yang Jihong   Ph.D, Associate Professor, College of Enology

Address: College of Enology, Northwest A&F University,

Xinong Rd 22#, Yangling, Shaanxi, PR China.712100
Tel: 86-29-87091994 (Office)
Fax: 0086-29-87091994
E-mail: yangjihong@nwsuaf.edu.cn

Ph.D.  College of food science and engineering, Northwest A & F Universtity (2006-2011)

, Department of Biological & Agricultural Engineering, UC Davis, CA (2007-2009)

M.S.  College of food science and engineering, Northwest A & F Universtity (2002-2006)
B.S.  College of oil engineering, Henan University of Technology (1995-1999)

Research Fields:
1) Wine-making characteristics and mechanism of wine processing by low temperate pretreated;
2) Anthocyanin and seed oil extraction from wine by-product.
Enological Engineering
Principle of Wine Engineering
Feasibility Study on Wine Project
Engineering Graphics

Selected Publications (Since 2010) :
1. Zhang Hongjuan, Yang Jihong, Tang Fuxu, Sui Yinqiang. Wine-making characteristics of Cabernet Sauvignon grape by freezing process in Jingyang Shaanxi area. China Brewing, 2014,33(6):58-62.

2. Yinqiang Sui, Jihong Yang, Qiuhong Ye, Hua Li, Hua Wang. Infrared, Convective, and Sequential Infrared and Convective Drying of Wine Grape Pomace. Drying Technology, 2014, 32, 6: 686-694.
3. Liu Xia, Sui Yinqiang, Yang Jihong, Zhang Li, Li Hua, Wang Hua. Study on Antioxidation in Vivo of Cold-pressed Grape Seeds Superfine PowderCP-GSSP.Journal of Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology, 2014, 14(1):6-13.
4. Jihong Yang, Zhongli Pan, Gary Takeoka, et al. Shelf life of infrared dry roasted almonds. Food chemistry, 2013,138: 671-678.
5.Yang Jihong, Lai Jiangwen, Gao Chang. Analysis of aroma components in dry white wine of Xingjiang Hetianhong. China Brewing, 2011.11: 163-166.
6. Gokhan Bingol, Jihong Yang, Maria T. Brandl, et al. Infrared pasteurization of raw almonds. Journal of Food Engineering, 2011, 104: 387-393.
7. Jihong Yang, Gokhan Bingol, Zhongli Pan, et al. Infrared heating for dry-roasting and pasteurization of almonds. Journal of Food Engineering, 2010,101: 273-280.

8. Jihong Yang, Hua Wang. Analysis of the flavor components during the processing of almond roasting and storage. Journal of Northwest A & F University (Natural Science Edition), 2010, 38(12): 210-214.