I. Graduate Programs 

  Notes: Programs with "*” indicate the programs both for master and Ph.D. students

  Programs without "*” indicates master programs.


  II.  English-medium Ph.D Programs

  Food Science and Engineering

  I. Professional admissions

  We offer admissions specialty in Food Science and Engineering. This discipline covers three functional disciplines: Agro-Product Processing &Storage Engineering, Food Safety, Food Nutrition and Health, focusing on solving the key scientific and technical issues in the process of comprehensive functional processing, recycle processing and identification, traceability and control of major agricultural products in northwestern China.

  II.  School system

  The basic academic system is 4 years.

  Ⅲ.Training objectives

  The doctoral students of this major are the highest level of talent training in the discipline of food science and engineering in China. After receive the degree, students will be able to

  gain both moral and academic character

  master the basic theory of food science and engineering

  understand the history, current situation and development trend of this discipline

  organize and conduct research independently

  have the ability of teaching and promotion of food production

  become the backbone of the academic and academic leaders in the future work

  proficient in Chinese, with a systematic and standardized paper writing ability

  proficient in the use of analytical instruments and computers

  Ⅳ.Basic conditions

  1.Applicants must be healthy non-Chinese nationals.

  2.A graduate of a master's degree or a master's degree, no more than 35 years of age.

  3.Applicants must pass hsk4 or above, or must pass hsk4 after Chinese study in the year before the professional study, and be proficient in English.

  Ⅴ.Admissions tutor

  Recruit doctoral instructors:


  Ⅵ.Project manager

  Person in charge: Professor Jianlong Wang, Associate Dean of College of Food Science and Engineering

  Phone number: +86 29-87092325