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From Fireworks to Guns: Advances in Genome Editing Technology

Author:   Date:2020-11-13    

Title: From Fireworks to Guns: Advances in Genome Editing Technology

4:30 pm, November 18, 2019 Venue: N8T11 Introduction of Speaker:

Dr. Jinxiao Yang is the director of Crop Genome Editing Research and Development Center of Beijing Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences. He obtained his bachelor's degree from Northwest Agricultural and Forestry University, and got his Ph.D from Fudan University. After his graduation, he joined Syngenta Biotechnology Co., LTD and was focused on the genome editing technology. Later on, he moved to DaBeinong Technology Group Co., LTD and founded the Genome Editing Laboratory. He served as chief technical officer there. He served as the director of the department in Beijing Institute of Agriculture and Forestry  Corn Center since 2017. His research focus on the development of genome editing technology, trait optimization and industrialization exploration of maize and rice inChina. He has established the Discriminated sgRNAs-based SurroGate System (DisSUGs) in plant and greatly increased the base editing efficiency to about 80%. Some of his research results have been published in top journals, such as Molecular Plant, Plant Biotechnology Journal and BMC Plant Biology. He has obtained more than 20 national patents for technological inventions.