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Notice of " Pathogen effectors as probes for improving crop disease resistance"

Author:   Date:2019-10-21    

  Time: 4:30pm, October 24, 2019

  Venue: S3119

  Introduction of Speaker:

  Dr. Weixing Shan received his Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees from Northwestern Agricultural University. He did postdoctoral research in University of California at Davis and worked as Research Fellow in Australian National Univesity before being appointed as professor of plant pathology in Northwest A&F University. His research is focused on oomycete genetics and molecular biology and plant-pathogen interactions, using Phytophthora pathogens as model species. He is particularly interested in developing improved disease resistance in potato against late blight pathogen Phytophthora infestans. He cloned the first oomycete avirulence gene, Avr1b, observed and discovered novel mechanism on the entry of eukaryotic pathogen effectors into host cells. Dr. Shan is a MOE Changjiang Chaired Professor and a recipient of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars.