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Notice of“Food security and sustainable utilization of water resources in China”

Author:   Date:2018-12-25    

Report title: Food security and sustainable utilization of water resources in China

Speaker: Pro. Jianhua Zhang

Report time: 15:00-17:30 2018-12-28

Report place: Room 203, State Key Laboratory of Soil Erosion and Dryland Farming on the Loess Plateau

Speaker CV:

Pro. Jianhua Zhang graduated in agronomy from Jiangsu Agricultural College in 1982 and received the phD in plant physiology from Lancaster university in October 1988. He was training in the united states higher education management in Harvard university in June 2010. He is currently the dean of the faculty of science, Hong Kong Baptist university and is s lecturer in the department of biology. He was once a lecture professor and director of the state key laboratory of agricultural biotechnology in the school of life sciences, the Chinese university of Hong Kong.

Pro. Jianhua Zhang had been engaged in plant water physiology and crop water-saving cultivation for a long time. More than 300 papers had been published in major plant and agricultural journals. In 2015, his research had been cited more than 10000 times by SCIjournals, and the H-index reached 60. He is the executive director of the Chinese Plant Physiology Society, the director of the Chinese Botanical Society and the director of the Chinese Soil Society. He has won two second-class prizes of national natural science, one second-class prize of national scientific and technological progress, two first-class prizes of provincial and ministerial scientific research achievements and five second-class prizes. In December 2008, Nature selected one of the five world-changing crop researchers ('Five Crop Researchers Who Can Change the World'. Nature 2008, 456, 563-568). In 2009, he won the Outstanding Research Scholar Award of Hong Kong Baptist University. In 2014, he received an honorary doctor of science from Lancaster University, UK. He is the responsible editorial board of plant physiology journal and the associate editor in chief of journal of experimental botany.