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Notice of "the origin of goat genetics diversity and breeding applications"

Author:   Date:2021-09-23    

Title: the origin of goat genetics diversity and breeding applications

Time:4:30pm,September 28, 2021

Venue: N8T07

Introduction of Speaker:

Dr. Yu Jiang is the Professor in College of Animal Science and Technology, Northwest A&F University. Yu Jiang received his bachelor's degree in 2006 from College of Life Science, Fudan University.  Yu studied at State Key Laboratory of Genetic Resources and Evolution, in Kunming Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences before receiving his PhD in genetics in 2011. He then spent two years as a Postdoctoral Fellow in CSIRO Livestock Industries, Australia, before starting a job in Northwest A&F University, China. Since May 2015, he has been the Principal Investigator of Laboratory for Genomic Big Data in Northwest A&F University.

Through innovative bioinformatics analysis, Yu first reported the reference genome of sheep and goats, reported the use of optical mapping profiling for animal genome assembly and GWAS analysis using structural variations. He also contributed to the deciphering of the genetic heritage of worldwide goat, sheep and cattle, and revealed a series of adaptive introgression events.  Yu have published more than 30 manuscripts as first or senior authorship in journals such as Science, Nature Biotechnology and Cell Research. His current major area of interest is focused on ruminant livestock and their foregut fermentation system, the rumen, which represents the world'sextraordinarily efficient stomach using microbial flora to ferment the feed. He try to reveal the genetic basis of the rumen and its microbial ecosystem, and finally develop a bionic machine of artificial rumen combined with milk reactor as facilitating the conversion of lignocellulose  rich plant materials, of low value in the human diet, to high value animal protein and lipid.