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Notice of “Reprogramming of energy metabolism in boar sperm cells”

Author:   Date:2021-10-14    

Title:  Reprogramming of energy metabolism in boar sperm cells

Speaker: Wenxian Zeng

Time: 4:30 pm, October 19, 2021

Venue: N8T07

Introduction of Speaker:

Wenxian Zeng, Professor in Northwest A&F University

Education Backgroud:

B.S.  Sichuan Agricultural University, Animal Science 1984

M.S.  Sichuan Agricultural University, Animal Breeding 1987

Ph.D.  Hiroshima University, Japan, Animal Reproduction 2001

Post Doctoral Research  Hiroshima University, Tulane University and University of Pennsylvania 2001-2004

Description of Research:

The research in my laboratory focuses on the molecular regulation of spermatogenesis. Spermatogonial stem cells (SSCs) are at the foundation of spermatogenesis which provides sperm production throughout the lifetime of a male. Similar to other adult stem cells, SSCsare a tissue-specific stem cell population which has the potential for self-renewal and production of differentiated daughter cells. SSCsare unique in its capability to contribute genes to next generation making it a perfect target for genetic manipulations. Currently the mechanisms that regulate the renewal and differentiation of SSCs in mammalian are poorly understood. We are trying to identify the molecular markers, and the regulation mechanisms of SSC renewal.

My laboratory also studies preservation of male fertility. Artificial insemination (AI) in swine has attained widely acceptability throughout the world. However, boar sperm are extremely sensitive to cold shock and cryopreservation. The low survival and poor fertilizing capability limit the frozen boar semen from being widely applied in the industry. Our group has successfully developed a new technique for preservation of boar semen. In addition, preservation and transplantation of SSC and testis tissue is another project in our laboratory for conservation of valuable immature males especially for endangered species and superexcellent farm animals.