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The Number of Applicants for NWAFU Master's Degree in 2019 Increased by 945 Compared With Last Year

Author: Bu Duhui  Date:2018-11-22     Read:

Recently, the registration work of the National Postgraduate Entrance Examination of 2019 has ended. The data confirmed by the Ministry of Education showed that the number of applicants for NWAFU master’s degree this year increased by 1736 compared with that of 2017 and 945 compared with that of 2018.

The number of candidates for the National Postgraduate Entrance Examination of this year is 6506, an increase of 36.39% compared with 2017 and an increase of 16.99% compared with 2018.Among them, there are 817 graduates from our university, accounting for 12.56% of the total number of applicants; 5689 graduates from other universities, accounting for 87.44% of the total number of applicants.The number of candidates for academic master's degree is 3914, the number of candidates for full-time professional degrees is 1743, and the number of non-full-time professional degrees is 849.

In 2019, NWAFU will receive 660 recommended exemption students, including 604 academic recommended exemption students and 56 full-time professional degree recommended exemption students. According to the enrollment scale in 2018, the ratio of 2019 graduate students application acceptance in NWAFU can reach 3 to 1.

Translated by: Ruan Shuling

Proofread by: Zhang Xiaorong