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Apply for Chinese Government Scholarship(CSC),Please visit:
www.csc.edu.cn/studyinchina/ or www.campuschina.org/indexen.aspx

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   Notes: Program with “*” indicates the programs both for master and Ph.D. students
              Program without “*” indicates master programs.

   If you want to know about the colleges of NWAFU, please enter:

   If you want to know information of professors of NWAFU, please visit:

Duration:6 months-1 year
Application time: Anytime
Application qualification: 
  Healthy Foreigners who have relevant academic background and experiences

Application Documents:
  1.Application Form for International Students of Northwest A&F University 
   (downloaded from http://is.nwsuaf.edu.cn/zlxz/178519.htm)
  2. Photocopy of transcripts and diploma of the most advanced study(Chinese or English)
  3. Two letters of recommendation (Chinese or English)
  4. Study plan or research proposal
  5.Photocopy of valid passport
  6. Certificate of clearance     
  7. Photocopy of physical examination records
   (downloaded form http://is.nwsuaf.edu.cn/zlxz/321992.htm)

Fees and the other expenses:
  Registration fee:400 yuan
  Tuition fee:13,000 yuan per semester for professional training, 15,000 yuan per semester for advanced professional training.
  Medical issuance: 800 yuan/year
  Room Rate: 1000 yuan/month(Single room), 500 yuan/month(Rooms with two beds)
  All application documents will not be returned and application fee is refundable.

  Address: No.3 Taicheng Road, Yangling, Shaanxi, China.
  Postcode: 712100
  Tel: +86-29-87080182
  Fax: +86-29-87080283
  University website: www.nwsuaf.edu.cn (Chinese version)
           http://en.nwsuaf.edu.cn(English version)
  College website: http://is.nwsuaf.edu.cn(Chinese version)
          http://is.nwsuaf.edu.cn/home/index.htm(English version)