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Video of NWAFU’s Counter-Terrorism Drill of Military Training Performance Went Viral Online

Author: Chen Qunhui  Date:2018-10-22     Read:

“See? What a fabulous university! Just have a look at their military training performance! Counter-terrorism drill!” These words are from the report of People’s Daily Weibo to the Year 2018 military training performance of our university. As long as the video twittered online, it in no time went viral and received over 20 million clicks and comments. 

It is said that this piece of video is taken and uploaded by the student journalist of NWAFU Publicity Department, which soon was released by People’s Daily Weibo. The drill is one of sessions of Y2018 military training performance of our university, and a product of brainstorm of the drillmasters, teachers and students. The plot was a real hit too, telling a story of hijacked NWAFU professor in Africa rescued by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. Over 100 Y2018 freshman participated in the exciting event. It has inspired the patriotic enthusiasm of college students and further strengthened the national security awareness of college students.

Military training of freshman has bee playing a vital role in developing Chinese youth’s comprehensive quality and enhancing national defense education. It reflects the concern of our nation over the growth of young students.NWAFU has always attached great importance to the military training of college students, and focused on improving students' national defense quality, comprehensive quality and patriotic sentiments.

Translated by: Zhao Rui

Proofread by: Yan Xianhui